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Calado activities > Wine Way of Saint James

Wine Way of Saint James A space where you can test your knowledge of wine, have fun and learn about the world of the senses.

This original activity is aimed at groups of 4 to 12 people. It will put you to the test to see the strength of your senses and how well-trained they are.

The CaVino de Santiago or "Wine Way" of Saint James is set out in three areas with different levels of difficulty:

1- The Training Area: We'll test you, we'll tease you; you'll have no choice but to play with us. Forget what you have heard, seen and tasted. We bet you don't know anything!

2- Don Blas de Otero Apothecary: We'll go back to the 16th century, in the Apothecary of Don Blas de Otero, a place where salves, ointments and balms are prepared... Can you recognise the scents?

3- The Innkeeper's Tavern: In a 16th century tavern you'll be faced with the innkeeper's tastes. You'll have to show him how much you know about wine and what you're able to recognise by its flavour. Watch out, the innkeeper doesn't like to lose...
General information about the activity
Number of participants: From 6 people
Duration of the activity: 50 minutes
Call to book 941 100 550 / 607 726 643

Availability: Consult us
Languages: Spanish, English and French
Price: 12,00 € per person in Spanish - 14,00 € per person in English or French