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A 'Calado' to develop your senses

A 'Calado' to develop your senses Opposite the La Rioja Cultural Centre a private initiative has been launched in an exceptional space, a 16th century building, that still preserves a wine press, an area for pressing wine and the "calado" or cave. Deep in the old quarter of Logroño (calle Ruavieja near calle Mercaderes), Calado is launched, as the heads of the Criteria Group and promoter of the initiative explained yesterday, "as a versatile and differentiating project, a multidisciplinary space designed to welcome all types of corporate and private events, surrounded by a sensorial atmosphere aimed at the world of wine".

The event was attended by various personalities, headed by President of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz, and the mayor of Logroño, Cuca Gamarra, who toured the premises designed by the architect José María Peláez. The space was designed with an emphasis on simplicity with a reception and welcome area, comprising a social space, a wine display cabinet and a leisure space, the CaVino de Santiago or "Wine Way" of Saint James. These are the rooms where the original wine press and area for pressing wine, transformed into a 16th century tavern and apothecary, activities and experiences related to wine and the senses are held.

The project is designed to be versatile and adapt to the client's needs; it has an industrial kitchen and extensive latest generation multimedia equipment with large screens, cameras and projectors. During the inauguration, the President Pedro Sanz said it was «an honour and reason to be thankful that there are businesspersons with the courage to undertake a project with exceptional aspects. Sanz also highlighted the "great effort" of this group to restore cultural spaces, and its work aimed at "enriching what La Rioja can offer as a national tourist destination". The President remarked that "there are many treasures still to be found in the autonomous community" and extolled that in times of crisis, "the combination of public and private is a good formula to benefit the development of our region".

Spirit of adventure
The person responsible for showing us the different rooms was Carlos Martínez Armas, one of the promoters from the Criteria Group and known for his work with the company Aventural for 20 years. Martínez Armas explained that "the company has been adapting to the market and after a few trips around the world we wanted to come back to La Rioja with a special project." "Investing nowadays is complicated," he added, "making any employer an adventurer with whom you share a little stage fright, a clear objective and an excellent team that supports you." "Behind Calado there is a lot of work but also a lot of enthusiasm," he concluded during the route through the versatile facilities.

In this sense, the mayor of Logroño thanked the promoter for its commitment to the "heart of the city", "for contributing from the private initiative to the project undertaken by the administration to rehabilitate and regenerate spaces in the old quarter, filling it with life and activity".

Source: Diario La Rioja: http://www.larioja.com/v/20130209/cultura/calado-para-desarrollar-sentidos-20130209.html