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Calado is born

Calado is born The Criteria Group remodels a multifunctional building with Calado in Logroño

The Criteria Group have invested around six hundred thousand euros in the remodelling of a building in the old quarter of Logroño, whose premises include a "calado" or cave, for various uses, as reported today by their director, Carlos Martínez Armas.

At the inauguration of this business project called "Calado", the President of the Autonomous Government of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz, highlighted the commitment of this business group to developing an initiative that stands out from what we have known up to now.

Sanz also praised the "great effort" of this group to restore cultural spaces, and its work aimed at "enriching what La Rioja can offer as a national tourist destination".

Martínez Armas has indicated that "investing nowadays is definitely complicated" and although the group has "a little stage fright facing the future", it feels "a lot of enthusiasm" about this project, which is designed to be a reference for pilgrims, wine tourists and domestic tourists.

"Calado" is located at Calle Mercaderes 10, in a building constructed in the 16th century, of which a wine press, an area for pressing wine and the "calado" or cave have been preserved.

This space, next to the Lagares space, has been rehabilitated for use as multifunctional space, for holding various business and private events.

Their facilities include a reception area, a social space, a wines display cabinet and a leisure space, called the CaVino de Santiago or "Wine Way" of Saint James, that has been set up as a tavern and where there is an original wine press and area for pressing wine.

It also a 16th century apothecary for activities related to wine and the senses.

The mayor of Logroño, Concepción Gamarra, thanked the promoters of this new proposal for their commitment to the "heart of the city", and for contributing, through private initiative, to the project undertaken by the administration to rehabilitate and regenerate spaces in the old quarter.

Gamarra also highlighted how this new business "adventure" reinforces the idea of Logroño as a "city of opportunities".

The event was also attended by the President of the Parliament of La Rioja, José Ignacio Ceniceros, in addition to representatives from different strata of La Rioja society.

Source: Diario La Rioja: http://www.larioja.com/20130208/local/nuestras-comarcas/eventos-grupo-criteria-remodela-201302081907.html

Video: http://www.larioja.com/videos/tvr/actualidad-riojana/2151879037001-lugar-para-disfrutar.html